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In-house lawyers who, like me, are interested in learning new ideas that improve how we think (and work).

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Who am I?

I’m Daniel van Binsbergen. Former lawyer, now legal tech entrepreneur.

I founded Lexoo back in 2014 and was CEO until Kalexius bought Lexoo in 2024. Here are my learnings of that journey!

I’ve since started a new company called DraftPilot, a Legal AI tool that enables lawyers to create redlines in minutes instead of hours.

I’m not the best CEO in the world, I just happen to give myself that title in every company I start 😆.

But I’ve learned a lot since 2014 (and I’m still learning). Writing has always given me a way to straighten out my thoughts.

When I shared my thinking (originally just on LinkedIn), a lot of lawyers found them helpful too. So I’m really happy to now share what I learned about managing teams, creating strategy, etc. with you here on Substack.

One last thing: DraftPilot is a business, and I will occasionally pitch what we do in the email footer. Hope you don’t mind!

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One useful insight for in-house lawyers, every week.