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Who am I writing for?

In-house lawyers who, like me, are interested in learning new ideas that improve how we think (and work). At Lexoo, we call them “Super GCs”.

By signing up, I hope you are able to get out of "BAU mode" for 2 mins every week and think about the big picture.

The content will include in-house legal issues but also new things that you may not find elsewhere. To give you an idea, here are some examples:

  • 3 things that can make your legal advice instantly more strategic

  • Team workshop format to get to an 80/20 contract playbook in 1 hour

  • How to give quick feedback to junior lawyers without extra meetings

I’ll post once a week. If this sounds good, then sign up and give it a go :-).

Who am I?

I’m Daniel van Binsbergen. My legal career started at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. After 6 years lawyering in Amsterdam and London, I left the firm to try to see if I could build a company within the legal space.

I’m a builder, not a maintainer. I knew I wanted to build something from scratch. I fired myself from my job, and although it was scary, it was the start of a big personal growth journey.

Any founder is a sort of parent (speaking as a new father). It’s a tremendous responsibility without any clear or certain path. In this way, every founder first deludes themselves, in order to even get the job.

I’m not the best CEO in the world, I was just the first employee at Lexoo and gave myself the title! But I’ve learned a lot since 2014 (and I’m still learning). And writing has always given me a way to straighten out my thoughts.

When I shared my thinking (originally on LinkedIn), a lot of lawyers found them helpful too. So I’m really happy to now share what I learned about managing teams, creating strategy, etc. with you here on Substack.

One last thing: Lexoo is a business, and I will occasionally pitch what we do in the email footer. Hope you don’t mind!

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One useful insight for in-house lawyers, every week.


Daniel van Binsbergen

CEO at Lexoo. Lexoo is a legal tech and service provider for in-house legal teams.